Problems of a recovered Anorexic


I don’t really know why I’m writing this post its nothing like my usual writing, not sure if anyone would want to read it but I feel it will do me good just to bash out some feeling onto my blog.

Anorexia is not something that rules my life anymore, it used to but not now. However I keep getting this thought in my head and I try to push it out but it keeps coming back. This thought scares me to death.. Do you ever really recover from Anorexia?

I presume I have recovered, I tell myself I am and I tell everyone around me I am. I fear I am way too deep as a person and not many people can relate to me, because of this I stop myself thinking too deeply about things. I’m scared to question myself and ask, am I better?

Yes I have a much healthier eating routine and mentally I feel stronger but I wonder when it really comes down to it, how much of this is an act? I hope non of it, but what if it is, and underneath it all there is not a strong foundation at all.

I have too much too loose. I have my dream job but I feel i’m always on the verge of fucking it up. I don’t know if I am or if i’m used to thinking this about myself. Either way I have no time to be ill again.

As I say I don’t really know why I’m writing this but as I am writing it’s making me question… If I strip back my act (if it is an act) do I really know myself?

Does this make sense to anyone?

P.s I don’t want anyone to think i’m not happy, life has never been better. Maybe this is why I’m thinking like this.. Do I trust it? Do I trust myself to stay well? Am I just thinking too deeply and I’m right to stop over thinking things?


A Little Review – MAC Painterly Paint pot.

MAC Painterly Paint pot

MAC Painterly Paint pot


On a recent little trip into London I popped into Harrods.. I couldnt walk past the Mac section without buying this baby!

I’ve seen SOO many people use this on YouTube, I had to see what all the fuss was about.

This paint pot has really earned it’s hype. It’s easy to apply,it will last a long time and it seriously evens out the eyelids.

I use this everyday for work either on it’s own or with a little but of my MAC bronzer blended into my crease. Perfect look for work..

I used to use an Urban decay eye primer which I liked but I have to say.. As soon as I bough this I’ve not used it since!

If you haven’t already tried this I would suggest you to pop it on your 2014 Christmas list!!

Take care 🙂

A Little Review – Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser spf 20

Laura Mercier tinted Moisturiser Review

Laura Mercier Review

Hey hey hey!

I picked this up in London a couple of weeks ago and It was around the £35 mark.  I can’t actually make my mind up on this product so I guess the best thing to do is list my pros and cons so you can see if this is a product you might like.




Nice constancy

Lovely packaging

You don’t really need to use much of the product

Leaves the skin looking healthy



Doesn’t last as long as I expect for something costing £35

I didn’t expect it to be so sheer.

I don’t know if it’s one of those products I need to persevere with..I have bought some loose powder which is helping it last a little longer on my face!  I’m planning on buying the oil free version next week when I am in London, I assume that will have more lasting power on my combo skin!

Have any of you guys used this? What do you think?

Love love love


A Little Review – Estee Lauder Crystal Baby

Allrosie Estee Lauder Crystal Baby

Hey guys!

I’m back and I bring to you this absolute smasher!

This is a limited addition illuminating powder by Estee Lauder, it’s just a tiny but light than the well loved’Tease’ . It feels like an extremely luxurious product and in my opinion it is well worth the price tag.

With lots of  pay off and versatility this product is one for the makeup bag if you can somehow still get your hands on it.

It’s a tiny bit light to use purely as a blush so I tend to mix it in with a darker pink blush and apply to my cheeks. It really does give the most beautiful healthy glow! I also sweep this over the tops of my cheek bones at times and it can be used as a lovely eye shadow.

Have you guys used this product or similar? Do you think its worth the hype?

Love love love!

Update, why I have been AWOL and I have missed you all!


Hello guys!

Ahh I have missed blogging, I found it was my outlet and now I just haven’t had time to even click on my WordPress tab 😦 FML!

Some really positive things has happened to me recently. As you may know from my previous post I got engaged in August which was just amazing *dreamily looking at my ring whilst writing this*

I also, as of the beginning of September bagged a juicy promotion at work! I was a little worried about going for it.. it’s a pretty big leap from what I previously did. However it is going really well. One thing I have found though, is that I am completely exhausted! As much as I love my job and (hopefully) inspiring young musicians I just don’t have free time. I get one day off a week and I just sleep 😦 I’m hoping things will become easier as time goes on and I will have more time to post on here. I do miss it 😦

I hope you are all ok, I miss the community on here! You are all so lovely and I long for all our little chats we have about products and pretty things! It is definitely my outlet and a way of relaxing and forgetting work! I need more of it!

I also need to sort this lack of blogging out because I’ve bought some kick ass products recently that I really want to share with you all and hear your opinions on it!

MASSIVE love to you all!


My house has been burgled


Hey guys,

I’m really sorry but unfortunately my house has been broken into and they have taken be beloved laptop soo that means I cannot blog for a while 😦 so gutted!

I left at 9am this morning to teach, came back at 12 to find the window open and both mine and my fiancé laptop gone 😦 I hate to think some scumbag has been in my house!

Who brakes into a house on a Main Street in the Morning?

So, I will still be here reading all your blogs and I hope sooner rather than later I will be back on it!

Stay safe you lovely bunch

(And lock your windows)


A Little Review – NARS Sheer Glow Foundation


NARS Sheer Glow Review

NARS Sheer Glow Review


Hello there!


After a lot of thought I bought this foundation around 3 months ago. I have a love/hate relationship with cult products and hate to give in, but I’m so glad I did! 


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review


Firstly, like you should with any high end foundation I visited a store and ask for a tester. I heard that this foundation is great for ladies with dry skin, I have oily skin/ t-zone however I don’t want to be matted out all the time! I really like the dewy look so I hoped NARS didn’t make me look like a slime ball! 


I was very pleased with the outcome and purchased the foundation rather quickly! It is a lovely foundation which gives you such a nice glow. It lasts a normal amount on my oily skin (around 4 hours) without touch up. I would suggest a really good primer under this foundation. I jetted on holiday a couple of weeks ago and applied this foundation before the flight without primer. About 3/4 hours later the foundation had clogged up around my forehead and chin. It’s the only time I’ve noticed this happen so I’m pretty sure it would have been the lack of primer!


If you can pull off more yellow toned foundation and want a beautiful glowing complexion this is well worth the money!


What do you guys this of this foundation? Have you got it or want to buy it? Do you hate it? 


Thanks for reading



I’m Engaged!!!



EEEEE!!! I’m SO excited!!!


So last Friday was the last day of our holiday in Amsterdam, which was amazing! I was a little sad about having to fly back to reality (England) when Rob placed some tickets on my pillow. Thinking these were the tickets for our flight back to England I only glanced at them, THEN I noticed! It said ROME!!!!!!! Rob had actually booked for us to fly on to Rome!!!!!!!!!!

When we arrived in Rome it was really late so we went straight to the hotel and fell asleep! The next morning I was still very overwhelmed but SO excited to start exploring. I have visited Rome 2 times before, Rob obviously knew how much I love the city and picked for us to go there! We soon set out to see the sights. 


That evening we went for something to eat and Rob then told me he would like to find this park in Rome that looks over the city. I was very up for that, I was looking forward to seeing the whole of Rome lit up!


When we got to the park Rob was so so quiet! I tried not to think much of it as I gazed over the whole of the city. Rob walked me to a little bench and sat me down, got on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I already said yes before I saw the ring… Rob opened what looked like a cheap green box and presented the most plastic, massive fake diamond ring! The moment of pure horror and silence felt like hours! I looked up and Rob was absolutely pissing himself. As I said ‘ohh thanks so much, its erm lovely’ Rob put the ring aside and gave me another box, when he opened it I balled my eyes out! He bought me a beautiful diamond flower ring which I had seen in a few shops when I lived in Beijng but unfortunately I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE in England.. but Rob did!!!!

I found the prank funny, it was very much Rob style and I love him for it.. I have kept the prank ring and put it on my necklace!


Here is a picture of where he proposed! 



I cannot begin to tell you how happy and in love I am right now! I am such a blessed lady!


Eeee I need to start planning!!!!!!!!!!


Love love love







A little Review – Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette


Oh no, not ANOTHER blog post on the Naked 3?! I hear you cry. Well yes… yes i’m sorry but I am OBSESSED this this product and I just have to talk about it 😀


I love this palette because every single colour is wearable on my eyes. I love rose golds in every walk of life so I knew this was made for me. 


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Inside


You get a lovely mix of matte, silky and shimmer shadows which are so so SO blend-able its untrue. On a work day, I first apply the shade ‘strange’ which is a highlight matte colour to the insides of my eye to brighten the tired teacher look I rock so often! I then apply the matte shade ‘Limit’ all over my lid then apply ‘Nooner’  into the contours of my eye to give a little definition. To finish it off I apply ‘Factory’ as eyeliner with an angled brush. 


For a evening look I love to use ‘Burnout’ ‘Buzz’ ‘Liar’ Oh and bloody all of them ok?!?!


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 R












As you can tell, I can’t speak highly enough of this palette. If you’re wanting a more ‘budget’ friendly product I would suggest ‘Strorm’ by Sleek.. They are lovely, creamy shadows that are a bargain for how good they are! 


Hope you liked this post.


Love Love Love 


Allrosie x